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Published November 15, 2011 by allovus1

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star. Nietzsche

This has to happen.
Those who scale Giant Peaks do so because they are there,
Those who write do so because it is not there.

There’s a chaos in my head, of a sort would please Nietzsche ~ as it leads to stardust??

But this is more a wilfulness that sends me back to Snoopy at his typewriter, furiously focussed on his QWERTYs, without fail lauching each novella with

It was a dark and stormy night’

Rarely taking us much further on his lap of intrigue..

Or my gals in college, intro to any tipsy tale was usually ‘WE~YELL It aaalllllllll started when I WAS TWELVE!

….and the rest was mystery….

And what truth have we after all? But whatever warms our being as we lay down; that we can face the day with a clear loving albeit battered heart and warm the sun for a few more while swatting the germs that try to get in our way ~ we love, we fall, we fail, we make good.

We care deeply for those we love.And we start again.

So this had to start. Hopefully,it’s stardust….