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Peck – A – Boo!!

Published February 27, 2012 by allovus1

something caught my eye…

‘You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.’  Arlo Guthrie.

How dark outlines light; shades it, leads it away.. teases us with it..


And flicks it off.


So effortless.   ‘flick’

So cold. The ‘lights’ are out. We are for the dark…

My eyes perked up    As did I.  A bit.

I  dislike the experience of a reliable eye failing.

We always fought for light

Everything else is time; bit more sluggish, bit wearier; older.

Bearing the brunt of the fatigue’;

as the glad rags hang there askew, the spit ‘n polish strewn on the dressing table;nail varnishes gathering dust; my diaries yellowing..

, the grey dusk of fallibility sets.

that causes fatigue like no other.

there are no pills for that..