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Published March 16, 2012 by allovus1

‘I’ve 2boys(10)Gooner,(8)funnies We follow people who tweet in English/Irish/French/German/Spanish/Greek~

But not in that’

I do confess to censoring my twitter feed. I do like to encourage people to ‘use their words’.  Find speech that is particular, peculiar to you. Speak the words of your home, your culture, the wisdom of your soul. For everyone has a language from whence they have uttered their first Ego~


Also I like when my boys finally get home they some times scroll through the feed for updates on #AFC, so I like to keep my standards…

They know I’ve been editing, e-mailing, translating; nothing like the body of work I used to do; then I’m not the person I used to be ~ little by little; gnawed away,


I’m still here though.


Still here.



YOU: ~ ??

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