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Published June 10, 2012 by allovus1

I have a friend.

Which is nice.

I’ve been very lucky with friendships.

Great people when I’ve needed them, that someone to laugh with, talk with into the wee hours, play tennis with til the lightning tore through the centre ville, take you to l’hopital when all was awry, and to the train when I had to leave our lovely life.

I haven’t seen you since; but with the help of les pages jaunes a franglaise and I were able to find you on Facebook. So I know you’re there.  We’ve had some important exchanges I associate with the ’real’ person I knew back in the day.

Facebook is important to me in the main for that reason. Really good friendships from different stages of my life I have stored there and can see updates from that cheer me; (M. finished her exams today!!) Concern me.. Include me.  I spent a long time searching for a very special friend without success ~ until eventually my search ended in twitter.

And in twitter, I have met a virtual community where an @ could be anybody. Literally. Everyone is taken at @ value. Not terribly interested in it so much initially but taken by the wicked sense of humour of the Clown in residence. Then also by his pink anagram feline femme faux pal.

Who, since I’ve not met her has been preparing me for her not being there anymore.

 I cannot know the pain you feel. 
I cannot share your memories or your loss.
My words of sympathy are beneath measure,
yet know that my heart reaches out with love to your heart.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

It’s no secret my petal’s not well; She hangs out in MRIs more than I do; listening to the opening racket from Saving Private Ryan accompanied by the Chilean miners drillbeat quartet.

Some days she eats eggs; others electrolytes. Today she’d fresh cereal! First to open pack. Yum.

There should have been a toy in there.

Like there used to be?

For her.

A steering wheel.

Because we KNOW who’s driving.

She’s got magic beans.