leaving us

Published February 28, 2014 by allovus1


It was a great shock.

The weather has been horrendous here this winter; still is; didn’t facilitate any outings or lunches/visits to Garryvoe promenade. Flu hit the Nursing home hard and being cooped up in a centrally heated environment meant it stuck.  So Ma’s breathing got wheezier but the hope was the weather would improve and She’d get out to mobilise. She was under G.P. care and the resident nurse, hospital was pointless as they were packed with flu&CUH had Swine flu to add to mix.

The weather refused to break. Storm after storm after storm, power cuts, phones down, trees blocking roads, Flooding, High Tides, roads flooded in for days.

She declined rapidly during that time and though they fought hard to mobilise her; pleurisy seemed to have taken over from what I gather.

They got her to A&E, where she slipped away before even the doctor had a chance to see her.

Two of us were with her.

She was tired, missed Dad, and wanted to go home ever since he died.

Now she’s finished that journey; before doctors saw her in A&E, before any crowds gathered, she slipped away in her own time.

2 comments on “leaving us

  • So sad for you. Nothing compares to the pain of losing a loved one.. And with each loss a different pain..I’m visiting a dear ex neighbour in her care home and every time I see her she has gone down and down.. She doesn’t know me anymore but I can see in her eyes she’s not happy.. Since her husband passed all she wants is to be with him.. And God help me I’m wishing it for her too..


    • Bless you for your kindness and your understanding; each time we’d visit though she was perfectly ‘comfortable’ she’d want us to take her’home’; without knowing where that was~ I’ve learned so clearly since people make a home .. I’m grateful now in a sad way she’s gone home. Thanks again for taking time to share your thoughts with me, bless you xx


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