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When Did Australia Start its Terminal Decline Into a Boring Dystopia?

Published June 7, 2015 by allovus1

WHEN?? Sorry, #sullivans was as hip as it ever was Then Pippa ‘*(big awww!!) trailer-park demented Pippa started kidnapping kids for cash on the most shark infested beach in the scorchlands, getting it on t.v. ~ and brand Awfulssie was bloody everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And you’re mining for coal in The Great Barrier Reef!! Like HELLO!! COAL!! BARRIER REEF! Yup.. Even China’s cutting back…


Australia was once considered “the lucky country”. We sold dirt to every continent and received all the fancy household goods and nick knacks we could possibly desire. Those other nations never bothered us because we were too stupid to be a threat, and we kept dealing the lovely cheap dirt out like a donkey following a carrot. What happened to those fruitful years of plenty? What happened to the seemingly endless economic prosperity that fuelled our first world society? Well, like most failed civilisations, Australians and the Australians who ran Australia were particularly too stupid. You probably have all the crazy ideas and common sense to see why we are screwed as a nation but I want to alert you only to the tipping point toward our decline.

The point at which this country made a turn for the worse was simply when Pizza-Hut restaurants started closing their doors. You…

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